Welcome to Ravenwood Gardens.

Established in 2008, In our small Binghamton city garden, we set out to provide the community with herbal preparations for home, health & fun. In 2010 we expanded to wild crafting from a family property in Lounsberry.

We use organic growing methods, so naturally there are no GMO’s, Sprays, or anything to adulterate the plants.


Local first pledge

Ravenwood Gardens has pledged to “keep it local” with keeping the sourcing to a 100 mile radius of Binghamton, NY. Sadly not all of the plants, herbs, minerals, & oils are available locally. So we will buy organic and fair trade only to fill this need.


We are also certified by PETA to be a cruelty free business. This means no testing is ever done on an animal. Frankly there is no reason for this practice.


“ I started Ravenwood Gardens in 2008 with dream and loads of hope that I could help people doing what I love the most, playing in the dirt.  I knew that it was not going to be easy. I have been studying for over 15 years now and continue to learn more everyday.  Today I share  my love with you  in the forms of the products I make, the knowledge I share & the hope I wish to spark.  Hope to see you soon!” Abigail

This site is not intended to take the place of any medical advice. No methods at anytime have ever been evaluated by the FDA. Using herbals is a use at your own risk program. As always consult your primary care if you are considering using herbals in your life. Thank you - Ravenwood Gardens